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2019/20 FPL Mini-League Details

The league will run as normal on FPL and the aim is simply to finish with as many points as possible. Everyone that uses the code ay9eij will be able to take part.

There will also be a cup competition carried out manually alongside the league. All participants that enter the league using the code above will be eligible to qualify, however only 32 will reach the finals which will take place during the final seven gameweeks of the season.

In order to qualify for the cup, participants must meet one of the following two criteria:

a) Finish as the monthly winner in any of these months: August, September, October, November, December, January, February or March. This gives anyone an opportunity to qualify based on a good month, even if ranked near the bottom of the league.

b) Be ranked inside the league’s top 24 after the end of Gameweek 31 or be amongst the 24 highest finishers that have not already qualified for the cup through the monthly winner system.

The 32 qualifiers for the cup will be assigned to four seeding pots based on their overall position in the league after Gameweek 31. One team from each pot will be placed into one of eight groups, creating a World Cup style tournament with three group stage matches for each team followed by the Last 16, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Final.

If this format sounds of interest, all you have to do is enter code ay9eij on the league’s section of FPL. Monthly updates will be provided on site, whilst entries will close ahead of the Gameweek 20 deadline, exactly halfway through the season.

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